Honeymoon for One

Not RatedGenre: Comedy, Romance
Quality: Year: Duration: 90 min MinView:

Eve Parker (Sheridan), a driven and successful advertising executive from Los Angeles, is devastated when she finds out her fiancĂ©, Greg (Baladi), has been cheating on her. Leaving Greg behind, Eve decides to go on their honeymoon alone-to a breathtaking castle in the Irish countryside that Gregs company has just bought and plans to turn into a golf course. But Eve soon discovers staying in the honeymoon suite isnt so sweet when everything starts to go wrong, from her lost luggage to her repeated run-ins with the estates manager Sean (Wise), a handsome outdoorsman with a knack for getting on her nerves. Its a culture clash between this big city girl and nature-loving Irishman, but soon Sean sweeps Eve off her feet. Then, just as Eve is trading in her high heels for hiking boots, Greg shows up and threatens to turn Seans beloved land into the eighteenth hole and charm Eve back to the altar. Now, it will take more than just a little luck o the Irish to save this honeymoon from …